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  • What’s Holding Hackernoon Back? | SEO Organic Traffic Case Study

    Launched in 2016 covering tech, entrepreneurship and productivity. Hackernoon has gone through an amazing transformation over the years. From covering a very limited number of topics at the outset, David Smooke and team have built a platform that people love to publish on with a stringent editorial process that ensures all the articles provide value. […]

  • Betpawa Uganda | An SEO Challenge

    Betpawa Uganda is part of the larger Betpawa group that operate in a number of different countries in Africa. They provide users the opportunity to bet on a range of different sports from across the world. And they have been hugely successful with direct marketing and advertising in each of the regions where they operate. […]

  • Hashnode’s  Search Visibility Woes & Opportunities

    Hashnode is an exciting feature rich platform with excellent an excellent UX, so why is it struggling to gain search visibility? Hashnode is a great platform focused on the highly competitive area of tech blogging. There are numerous other established competitors out there such as, and the less focused like Ghost, Medium and So what sets […]

  • 6 Things Dev.To Can Do To Improve Organic Traffic is a great site, with a great community. It’s grown rapidly over the years from it’s beginnings in 2016, amassing over 5.2 million backlinks from almost 65 thousand domains and cemented itself as one of the most authoritative community sites around coding on the net. But why has it’s organic traffic stalled and is […]

  • SEO, Data Science & Correlative Analysis For Google Organic Traffic

    This article will touch on how data science can be used in SEO and look at how useful correlative analysis should be used during the content creation process. For those not familiar with these topics, there will be examples and pictures but as should be expected when covering any complicated topic, the scope of the […]

  • 11 Sneaky Negative SEO Attacks & How To Protect Against Them

    Negative SEO is nothing new. As long as there have been ways to improve your position in the organic results, there have been malicious actors who target their competition with negative search engine optimisation techniques. This article will cover the common types of SEO attack, one or two less common types and a couple of […]

  • Increase Email Outreach Campaign Effectiveness With These Tips

    There’s nothing worse than spending all that time setting up your email campaign only to discover that nobody is opening your carefully crafted mail. So, where did you go wrong? Here’s a list of simple steps and things to bear in mind before pressing the send button. Most of the following steps can be broken […]